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What is a Sapphire?



The island of Serendib which is present day Sri Lanka is known to be one of the earliest records for mining sapphire. The ancient people of Serendib believed that there is some power of wisdom that is contained within a sapphire gemstone. The word sapphire came from a the ancient Latin term “Sapphirus”.

Sapphire's come in all sorts of different spectrum's or color, but one color the sapphire does not come in is the color red. Most people think that sapphire's come in only blue, but that is wrong. The other colors of sapphire are considered to be called fancy sapphire. Other countries that supply sapphire are Australia and Africa, but Sri Lanka is known to provide the largest portion of blue sapphires. These gems that are from Sri Lanka are called “ceylon” sapphire which was the name of the island before it was called Sri Lanka. Other countries besides Australia and Africa that provide blue sapphire are Pailin, Cambodia, and also Burma.

Sapphire's are similar to ruby's because they come in different shapes and sizes. Sapphire's are one of the toughest gemstones and they rarely break. Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Burma are the top three countries that produce very fine and pure blue sapphire's. The Australian sapphire tend to have green and concentric hexagonal bands. Some reasons that might lessen the beauty of your sapphire is that fine blue sapphire should not contain any overtones or secondary colors.

The beauty of the stone will depend mostly on the cutting, so always take that into consideration. Dark blue sapphire's which are less common for necklace charms but are better known for earrings. Dark blue sapphire will appear black when it is placed under low light, but if you have a fine blue sapphire then the color will maintain in any light setting. The other colors of sapphire are pink, golden, green, peachy orange, purple and colorless. Sapphire is like diamond's. The clearer the color the more valuable the sapphire is.

The cut in a sapphire is not as critical as a diamond because the color creates its own impact. The price for sapphire has increased dramatically because of political reasons. The united states normally get their sapphire when the price is right. To get sapphire's at a cheaper cost there is some investigating. We do business with those people who need quick and ready cash. Since every stone is negotiated differently every sapphire stone carat has different prices. Sapphire's that are more cheaper are the ones that come from Australia, Thailand, Colombia, Kampuchea which is also known as Cambodia, Kenya, Africa s Tanzania, Montana of the United States have lesser quality than do the ones that come from Sri Lanka.






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