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How are gold and silver formed?



Gold is formed with molten rock, which is called magma then being intruded into solid rock. Then the magma cools and it becomes solid water and other substances in high pressure separate out from the magma. This hight pressure that forces out the water turns the water into a hot water and steam that forces open the fissures in the rocks that are around the solid rock.

Through these solid rocks there is a hydrothermal solution that travels out. After the hydrothermal solution that is traveling out cools down it the deposition of material occurs. One thing that you need to know about gold is that it has a very low melting temperature, this low melting temperature is sometimes carried by these hydrothermal solutions. The best place to look for gold is usually in the quartz veins located near the intrusion of a magma body. One famous place of this quartz veins is in the Sierra Nevada which is located in California. If these quartz veins were to erode gold would be found in the streams and rivers in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Silver is like a white metal. Today silver is in great demand in three major different categories. One is the industrial, the other is photography, and the other is jewelry and silverware. In these three categories the annual silver consumption is 95 percent. The industrial is in demand for silver because of its modern technology. These new modern technology's such as electrical, mechanical, optical and medicinal properties are all being made by silver. Other stuff that are being made by silver are microwave ovens, elevators, automobile, windshields, computers and other high powered manufacturing equipments as well other everyday electrical appliances.

These objects use up to 35 percent of annual silver demand. Some other stuff that are also being used made by silver are watches, clocks, cameras, calculators, and hearing aids that are battery driven, and other small button shaped batteries that are used in consumer products are also made of silver-oxide. One unique thing about silver is that it has an optical reflectivity that allows it to be used both in mirrors and in heat reflective coatings on glass, cellophane or metals.

Silver is used in photography to produce wide variety of formats and sizes, tailored to four user categories, consumer, radiography, graphic arts and others. Radiography uses x-ray products for medical and dental and industrial reasons. Graphic arts products include camera, scanner, and films used to design and print. These categories use up to 30 percent of the annual silver demand. Silver is used in most all jewelry and silverware. Silver is used for jewelry and silverware because it is soft and malleable and can be shaped into any form desired.

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry's warn. Silver jewelry is most worn because it does not have any color and it is easy to match with your cloths and it is affordable. Jewelry and silverware use up nearly 30 percent of annual silver demand. A fact about silver is that silver is effective in treating burns by killing bacteria, which allows the burn to heal more faster.







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